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Champagne Camiat & Fils: Rosé

  • CHAMPAGNE Structured in tannins and acidity, with a double texture, silky and firm, it will wonderfully adapt to salads, cold fish, cold meats, cheeses that are not too fatty, desserts with little or no sweetness.

    Appearance The salmon colour of this Cuvée Rosé is adorned with pretty copper reflections. Shaded, it offers very fine bubbles that nourish a perfect cord of foam. The visual presentation of this rosé is excellent and very appetizing. Nose The nose is very intense, offering aromas of red fruits such as strawberry and grenadine on a "food" background of cream and biscuit. With aeration, the expression of the pinots is more pronounced; cherry aromas and a "smoky" character appear. After ten minutes on the flute, we notice more complexity. Flowers and spices take over. We perceive violet, liquorice, a hint of mint... It is a fruity and elegant nose, quite complex and with a certain greediness. On the palate The attack on the palate is rather round. Then acidity, effervescence and dosage soon appear. With measure, acidity brings its bite, effervescence its crunchiness and the dosage its sweetness and temperance. The balance is done in a warm and silky way. Then the expression changes, the texture is firmer, the tannic structure of the rosé asserts itself and the wine displays its origin, its terroir. We thus move from the seductive rosé to the temperamental rosé.

    The finish is quite clean, structured and offers aromas of faded roses. Quite long (4 to 6 seconds of persistence), it ends with a refreshing bitterness.

    Pairing Salads, cold fish and cold meats / Cheeses that are not too fat won't scare him either / Fruit desserts with little or no sugar (apple pies, redcurrants, quetsches or rhubarb, for example).

  • Origin France, Champagne

    Vineyard Cote des Blancs, Loisy-en-Brie

    Color Rosé (pink)

    Grapes 34% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir, 33% Pinot Meunier

    Style Brut (6 g/l sugar)

    Ageing process 36 months of minimum ageing

    Alcohol 12.5%

    Ageing advice This Rosé cuvée is ready for immediate consumption.

    Serving advice This Rosé will require a slender flute to better control its balance. A service at 8 degrees of temperature will be perfect.

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