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Champagne Camiat & Fils: Tradition

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  • CHAMPAGNE Harmony and balance emerge from this Champagne. Go for the perfect match with dishes with soft textures and without excess salt, spices or sugar.

    Appearance The fairly light lemon yellow color has a slightly golden sheen. A fine effervescence, fast and regular, feeds a light string of bubbles on the surface. The presentation is fresh and alert. Nose The nose, of good intensity, opens with warmth on aromas of flowers and plants on a biscuit base. With aeration, the expression is more mature. There are aromas of cooked fruit, mirabelle plum and bergamot as well as a slight musky character. After ten minutes in the flute, the fruitiness of the wine is still there; the apple and small red fruits testify to this. It is a mature and balanced nose, quite complex, with an expressive wine. On the palate The attack on the palate is fresh, with a biting acidity and a measured effervescence. It is accompanied by a small note of sugar that melts very quickly. We then find this freshness in the development, then gradually the wine becomes more supple. Moderately corpulent, it is then warm and structured by very light tannins. We have the feeling of a wine that goes from ease to complexity.

    The finish is quite clear, quite long too. Warm, it offers almond aromas and is accompanied by a smoky character and a refreshing bitterness.

    Pairing This cuvée can also be served with salted canapés or surprise bread. Go for the perfect match with dishes with soft textures and without excess salt, spices or sugar.

  • Origin France, Champagne

    Vineyard Cote des Blancs, Loisy-en-Brie

    Color White

    Grapes 34% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir, 33% Pinot Meunier

    Style Brut (6 g/l sugar)

    Ageing process 36 months of minimum ageing

    Alcohol 12.5%

    Ageing advice This Cuvée Tradition is ready for immediate consumption.

    Serving advice Feel free to serve it at 8 degrees of temperature in a slender flute to better control its balance. At 10 or 12 degrees or in a large glass, it will lose its harmony.

  • Independent Winegrowers' Wine Competition Gold medal in 2017

    Dussert-Gerber 2 stars in 2017.

    Hachette Wines Guide Mentioned in 2015.

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